"There is no doubt from the opening bars of the Third Concerto that he is a Rachmaninov interpreter of outstanding caliber, whose playing withstands the most exalted comparisons.  Indeed as one plays this disc, one's thoughts turn only to the greatest exponents of this repertoire-Horowitz, Rachmaninov himself and William Kappel.  Rodriguez, too, has dazzling virtuosity at his command and also fine musicianship and a rare keyboard authority."
---Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music 2010

CD 82244 RACHMANINOV Solo Piano Works, Volume I
"…This is some Rachmaninov playing!   Santiago Rodriguez is the real thing.  For a moment, one imagines that Rachmaninov himself is at the keyboard.  Rodriguez has something of Pletnev about him: wonderful authority and immaculate technical control, tremendous electricity as well as great poetic feeling.  Outstanding in every way."
---Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music 2010

CD 82244, 82248 RACHMANINOV Solo Piano Works, Volume I and II
"Santiago Rodriguez, the Cuban-American virtuoso, is born for Rachmaninov, and I doubt whether any of the works on these two discs have often been played with such a spellbinding mix of high-born virtuosity and poetic glamour.   In the case of the Second Sonata this is saying a great deal, for this romantic maelstrom is now in the repertoire of numerous pianists.   Rodriguez opens in a positive fire-storm of brilliance yet his playing is no less alive to the music's innermost character, its dark, introspective undertow.

The First Sonata is far less familiar, though, given Rodriguez's overwhelming advocacy, it could well come to equal the Second in popularity.  Listen to the first movement development, among the most heart-stopping in all Rachmaninov, as, in this pianist's hands, it roars into the strait as if nothing can impede its frenzied brio and propulsion.  How Rodriguez revels, too, in Rachmaninov's romantic polyphony, voicing and inflecting the central Lento with a sumptuous sense of the composer's luxury and elaboration.  Then there are the Variations on a Theme of Chopin, where Rodriguez is as sensitive in the funereal trend of Var. No. 13 as he is suave and beguiling in Var. No. 21.  His final maestoso has an imposing breadth and character and, in the more dizzying pages, the listener is swept along in a whirl of intricacy. "
---Gramophone, March 1996 issue

“...Rodriguez offers some of the most commanding strongly-etched, and thoroughly convincing interpretations this music has ever been given.  If you missed the first volume (ELAN-82244) containing the Preludes Op. 32 and Sonata No. 1, pick it up together with the latest installment.  Both offer Rachmaninov playing on the very highest level.”
--Don Manildi -- American Record Guide

82250-RACHMANINOV Solo Piano Works, Volume III
“…Though he gives Rachmaninov all the sumptuousness you could want, Rodriguez also finds the dissonant note that gives the music emotional counterpoint..”
--David Patrick Steams --             Classical Pulse.  “The Best Classical CDs of 1995.”

“...the Paganini Variations have the same sort of pyrotechnic feeling as the mono recording that bought Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli to everyone’s attention ca. 1950.  Tension there is plenty in this account, but it is sharply romanticized, full-toned and wholly successful in terms that are not likely to come back into fashion soon.”

“…Ginastera’s brilliantly incisive music might have been written for the special talents of this pianist.  The lyrical and percussive extremes of the composer’s distinctive style fully exploit Rodriguez’ remarkable combination of introspective, poetic delicacy and explosive virtuosity.”  
--Peter G. Davis --New York Magazine

“…One of the most charming and enjoyable piano records around is a look at some Spanish (and Cuban) piano music played by Santiago Rodriguez.  Mr. Rodriguez is a polished convincing exponent of this material...he applies a lovely patina to his playing.”
--Harold C. Schoenberg -- The New York Times

2220-RACHMANINOV-PROKOFIEV Piano Concertos No. 3
“…This brilliant American virtuoso takes charge immediately and steers his way through the entire concerto with blazing conviction, tremendous technical strength, unswerving concentration and galvanic excitement – but always under absolute control.  Among current CDs of the Rachmaninov Third, this goes immediately to the top of the list.  I’m familiar with over 60 commercially-issued recordings of the work, and I have no hesitation in placing Rodriguez/Tabakov in the top five.” ---American Record Guide

“…The most positively macho, dramatic, and emotionally riveting performance within long memory.  At last, we have among us a true artist quite unafraid of being a dramatic virtuoso, the greatest since Kapell.”
--Musical America

"...Rodriguez' nimble sprint through these overly familiar concertos rejuvenate both music and listener...tenderness without schmaltz...velocity without violence...sensitivity of voicing...playing with such a strong point of view...Even if you think you know this music too well-or perhaps especially if you do-you should give this disc a try..." 
--Peter J. Rabinowitz --Fanfare

“…these pieces (Reger’s Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Mozart) have been recorded fairly often though never in better performances than this...the real surprise comes from Reger’s transcriptions of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos No. 3 and 5.  This performance establishes the value of these transcriptions as substantial art in their own right.  It has the special fascination of familiar music heard in an unfamiliar form, and it almost convinces one that Bach might have first imagined this music played on two keyboards…”
--Joseph McLellan -- The Washington Post

“…Rodriguez, with his complete technique and radiant sound, seems quite comfortable with the masses of notes and overripe melodies.  This unusual CD will be of interest to film buffs, but it also provides lovely “relaxing music.”  
--Louis Nagel -- Piano and Keyboard

                                                            *available audio samples are listed in blue

Rodriguez Plays Rachmaninov (CD 82412) and Rachmaninov: Solo Piano Works, Volume 1 (CD 82244) both received four stars and the Rosette  (Four stars is defined as "a really exception issue on every account"  The Rosette is defined as "a Rosette is awarded by a member of the reviewing team to a recorded performance which, he finds, shows special illumination, magic, a spiritual quality, or even outstanding production values, that place it in a very special class.")
audio sample: Bach/Brahms Chaconne
 audio sample: Ginastera Sonata No. 1, 4th Mvt.
  audio sample: Granados Spanish Dance
audio sample: De Fella “Andaluza”
audio sample: Liszt Concerto, 4th Mvt
audio sample: Rachmaninov Concerto No. 3, 3rd Mvt.
audio sample: Rachmaninov Prelude in B-Flat major, Op. 23 no. 2
audio sample: Rachmaninov Prelude in E-Flat major, Op. 23 no. 6
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